How To Get VIP Car Registration Number For Your Car


Securing a VIP car registration number is a coveted way to add a touch of exclusivity to your vehicle. As you embark on this unique journey to personalize your car, it’s essential to navigate the process with precision. Beyond the allure of a VIP number, it’s crucial to consider the comprehensive protection your vehicle deserves. It is a simple process to buy car insurance online. In this guide, we explore the steps to acquire a VIP car registration number and delve into the importance of safeguarding your prized possession through avenues like comprehensive car insurance and online insurance services.

Here’s a concise guide on how to obtain a stylish car registration number:

  • Register as a Public User: Sign up online at the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway’s (MoRTH) official website.
  • Select the Number: Log into your account and choose the fancy number you desire.
  • Reserve and Pay: Reserve the number and pay the registration fees.
  • Place a Bid: Bid for the VIP car number of your choice.
  • Outcome: The outcome will be announced, and you can either settle the outstanding amount or get a refund.
  • Print the Allocation Letter: Print the letter of allocation for your records.

To Check The Availability Of Fancy Numbers:

  • Visit the MoRTH Website: Go to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways website.
  • Select “Choice Number”: Choose “Choice Number” from the menu on the bottom right.
  • Choose RTO and State: Select the RTO name and the state to see the list of available elegant car numbers.

For The Delhi E-Auction Of Fancy Registration Numbers:

  • Register Online: Obtain a Unique Acknowledgment Number (UAN) by registering on the MoRTH official website.
  • Pay Fees: Pay the reserve price and non-refundable fee.
  • Choose Number: Select the registration number you desire.
  • E-Auction: The e-auction includes a three-day registration window and two days for bidding.
  • Bid Alteration: Alter bids in multiples of Rs.10,000 for categories 1-4 and Rs.1,000 for category 5.
  • Winning Bidder: The winning bidder receives an email and SMS.
  • Remaining Balance: Deposit the remaining balance online within five days.
  • Allotment Letter: An allotment letter is generated after online deposit payment, valid for 90 days after vehicle registration.

With the introduction of e-auction, MoRTH has simplified the process for selecting VIP vehicle registration numbers. Sign up, choose your preferred fancy numbers, and secure your VIP car or bike number. The bidding process takes approximately five days, beginning on the fourth day after registration and concluding on the fifth.

The pursuit of a VIP car registration number is not just about making a statement on the road; it’s also about ensuring the longevity and protection of your vehicle. As you navigate the process, don’t overlook the significance of comprehensive car insurance. Whether it’s renewing your policy online, using a car insurance calculator to tailor coverage, or considering the merits of third-party car insurance, the road to exclusivity is best traveled when accompanied by a comprehensive shield for your vehicle. The process of buying car insurance online is hassle-free. *

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